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New lineup, new sound, new songs – but the same boundary-breaking creativity you’ve come to expect from Zwardsick. Arie, Rick, Bill, Aad, and Philip still haven’t found a genre that can contain them for long.





Rick Potma: drums, percussion, sound samples
Arie van Duijvenvoorde: double bass, organ
Philip Hayden: voice
Bill Nagel: saxophones, clarinets, electronics
Aad Zuijderduijn: guitar, electronics


January 2023
Zwardsick is leaner, meaner, and more unpredictable as Arie, Rick, Bill, Aad, and Philip continue to smash genre boundaries in compelling and unexpected ways. Roaring thunderwords, melodies you think you know but can’t quite place, a glimpse of inspired madness from a shadowy corner of the psyche – it’s all there, coming at you in waves of calm and storm.

Zwardsick started life in 2003 as Zwardsick Jam, a reunion of the 1980s punk/jazz/rock trio MiMiCri (Arie van Duijvenvoorde, Aad Zuijderduijn and Hans Loos). The idea was to develop avant-garde rock inspired by ’70s out luminaries like Captain Beefheart, Zappa, Pere Ubu, Miles, Soft Machine, and Henry Cow, using jams and improvisations as the foundation.

The original Zwardsick lineup featured Arie on double bass and organ, Aad on guitar, Hans on drums, and British imports Paul Eckersley on vocals and Gary Spencer on guitar and mandolin. This lineup produced three recordings: #001 (EP, 2005); Skin (CD, 2007); and Burdock Bubbles (CD, 2010).

After a decade-long run, Aad and Hans left the band in 2013. In their place came Floris van Bergeijk on guitar and keys and Rick Potma on drums; this lineup recorded an Aquatic Swamp EP. In 2014, Floris was replaced by reedman Bill Nagel shortly before Gary vanished like one of Spinal Tap’s drummers. Rock guitarist Bas van Erkel stepped into Gary’s shoes; in 2016, Rick, Arie, Bill, Bas, and Paul recorded another EP It Sux. Paul eventually packed up his megaphone and moved on to the gentler terrain of points south, while Bas went back to shredding.

February 2021
RIP Gary
We’re sad to report that Gary Spencer has passed away at the age of 59. Gary played guitar and mandolin for Zwardsick (Jam) from 2003 to 2014.